The development of the brand of product, the promotion and the maintenance of its prestige, and monitoring for compliance with brand requirements of the market.


The development of detailed plans of any activity covering the long period of time, the way to achieve challenging goals.


The procedure of analysis, evaluation and design comparative position of the product among the products of competitors by giving product or service specific, recognizable characteristics.


The process of creating computer programs, analysis and problem formulation, design, construction of algorithms, development of data structures, debugging and testing, documentation, configuration, updating and maintenance.


Means or complex of means that provide protection against damage and loss, as well as the complex of works on improvement and attractiveness of the external component of the product or service.


A set of marketing activities aimed at increasing the share of a product, service, company or brand they occupied in the market, the withdrawal of goods on the market, increase their visibility, attract new customers.

Initial Coin Offering (ISO)

The initial placement of tokens is a release of any project coupons, or tokens that is intended to pay for the services of the site in the future — in the form of cryptocurrency.